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ZeroPoint Embodiment’s roots are at the heights of the Himalayas where the trail ends and the real adventure begins.

From the romanticized hopes of finding universal truths and ultimate answers of life at the top of the mountain, to the reality of going down the mountain to make real differences in the lives of others – ZeroPoint Embodiment was envisioned as a gathering space for community connections and exchange of ideas.

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ZeroPoint Embodiment, The Gathering Space

Providing transformational somatic practices, artisan farming, educational programs and community wellness collaboration. Our mission is to inspire and support more globally aware embodied living.

At ZeroPoint Embodiment, we are a global gathering of people that are connected through our passion for health, wellness and service through sustainable community engagement.

We provide opportunities and education for the experience of embodied living though Rolfing® Structural Integration, yoga culture, Artisan Farming, and an array of community projects, locally and around the globe.

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Terri and Arnold from ZeroPoint Embodiment learning sustainable community farming at Mohala Farm during GoFarm Hawaii AgExposure

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Oahu, North Shore

With a passion for creativity, Arnold Molina has a gift for finding art and beauty in the most obscure places from table tops to rock bottoms. This collection of “Found Art” is from his travels around the country and the North Shore of Oahu where ZeroPoint Embodiment now calls home.