Internship Program

ZeroPoint Farms LogoZeroPoint Farms is excited to be offering Private Tutorial Internships for those interested in learning theory and application of Permaculture Design and Artisan Farming for creating small scale sustainable and profitable farms.

Once a week we will study together in Permaculture Design Theory, Principles and Design Concepts. The Program will run for 8 consecutive weeks.

Written assignments will be required to assess the intern’s progress. Twice a week the Intern will work in one of our farm plots in experiential learning modules for our Artisan Farming methods.

At present there is no tuition fee for the Intern and no monetary compensation to the Intern.

In the future we will offer class size workshops. This is a unique opportunity to study one on one or with a few others.

Our Farm is Your Farm

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Internship Modules

Each module will take place over two weeks. Eight weeks will cover the following:

Module One: Fundamentals of Permacuture Design
Principles, Aspect, Slope, Vectors, Zones, Lean, Home, Market, Production

Module Two: Infrastructure, Irrigation and Soil
Tools, Supplies, Structures, irrigation, cover crops, composting, soil biology

Module Three: Crop and Orchard Planning, Business and Marketing
Mapping, Design elements, Crop Profiles, Business, Marketing

Module Four: How to get Started in Your own Venture or Continue with ZeroPoint Farms
Land search, applying fundamentals, design consultation, start up nursery

Criteria for Acceptance to be an Intern

  • You want to be a Farmer.
  • You want to learn Permaculture Design Concepts.
  • You have your own transportation.
  • You have your own housing.
  • You can work/study three days per week, for four hours each day, total 8 hours.
  • You have a phone for communication with ZeroPoint Farms.

If you would like to be part of our internship program, please get in touch!

Internship Program Application

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