Meet Us

Terri Keppinger

Certified Rolfer™, LMAT, RYT

Welcome to my world of awareness, alignment and adaptability in daily life. I have a passion for accessing wholism and finding places we connect within the challenges and diversity of life. My philosophy is to start from where we are at in the present moment without judgement, move to the point of zero (nothingness, stillness, shoonya) and allow optimal health and wellness of the Self to emerge. It’s really an educational process moving towards a fully integrated person. Within that process, I see myself as a support or a witness rather than a practitioner. It is an exciting journey of unfolding and uncovering the wholism that is always present.

I live on the North Shore of Oahu with my partner Arnold Molina and together we are creating a gathering place where community, embodiment and wholism are the priorities. We are co-founders of ZeroPoint Farms and North Shore Rolfing®. We have a studio in Haleiwa, Hawaii and several small sustainable farm plots on the North Shore. We understand that each person is unique and a multi-dimensional approach is needed, so we are trained in a diverse set of disciplines. More importantly we strive to live a lifestyle in alignment with what we share.

As a native of small town Oregon, I started my professional career by going on a long “walk about” to experience and learn about life by immersing myself in various international communities. My journey included a career as a US Naval Officer, a United Nations Observer, a resident of a community service project in rural India (where I was fondly named Bhaktitara), a graduate of India’s only Yoga University with a diploma in Yoga Psychology and a logistician with Doctors Without Borders.

The founding of ZeroPoint Embodiment, LLC is my humble effort to share the ideals by which I live with local and international communities in hopes of fostering a more globally aware embodiment and to encourage an ongoing dialogue with others.

Arnold Molina

Certified Advanced Rolfer™, LMAT

Movement studies have always been a part of my life. I began my formal movement training in the Theatre in a professional Conservatory and worked professionally on Broadway and the New York Shakespeare Festival I have studied and taught Yoga and Aikido across the country since 1989. In 1995, after attending the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, I began practicing Neuro Muscular Therapy, a modality of bodywork for pain relief. I am now, very happy to offer Structural Integration and Functional Integration. My goal is to help people discover how to put their bodies back into balance.

Movement is essential to life. Ironically, as human beings, we receive virtually no instruction whatsoever as to how are bodies are intended to function. Daily life, stresses, injuries, accidents, traumas, age and sedentary lifestyles have an accumulated affect on our bodies. It is necessary to move in order to reduce this accumulation. More so, when we can understand a primer of movement, the basic precepts and fundamentals of biomechanics and dynamic motion, we discover that the body is highly adaptable and resilient. All of those accumulations begin to disappear and are replaced with fluidity, buoyancy, and joy for life. Learn how to move and you empower yourself to a new experience of life.

The mysterious single slippah of North Shore Oahu captured by Arnold Molina

North Shore Meet Us

Zero Point Embodiment is a gathering of people and organizations. Our license numbers:

Arnold Molina, MAT 14923 (MAT practitioner license)
Terri Keppinger, MAT 14924 (MAT practitioner license)
Terri Keppinger, Accredited SATYANANDA YOGA® Teacher, NA1068
North Shore Rolfing® MAE 3193 (establishment license)