New Client Information

Your First Session

In order to prepare for your first session, there are a few things we recommend you do:

  • Download and complete the New Client Information Form and bring it to your first session.
  • Download our Welcome Letter for tips on how to get the best out of your sessions.
  • It’s helpful to Plan arrive a few minutes before you appointment time to get settled.
  • Plan for two hours from walking in the door to walking out so you do not feel rushed.

What to Wear:
You are always clothed during your sessions, however we will need to be able to see the contours of your body and be able to have access to your hip girdle and back. In order to help you get the best our of your session, it is recommended that you wear the following:

  • Men: Wear clothing that you can feel comfortable and secure in when undertaking a variety of body positions. We recommend bicylce shorts, underarmour sportswear, boxer briefs or above the knee board shorts. No shirt is necessary.
  • Women: Wear any comfortable two piece outfit. Bicycle shorts, yoga shorts, underarmour sports wear, secure underwear or a two piece swim suit will be ideal. Please note, you will need a form fitting top with straps. Please avoid cross backs athletic tops as they are difficult to work around.
Farm Flower

Resourcing Yourself

Due to the nature of intensive exploration of any area of the body, it is recommended that you are well resourced outside the sessions to allow integration after the session especially while going through a 10 Series. Each person is unique in their process and we trust you to know what is best for your life. You spend maximum hours in a day with us and 23 hours with your life.

Resources are essential to our wellbeing. Identifying and using our resources as well as developing new ones can help us feel more centered, more fully alive and more embodied.

A resource is anything life-affirming that makes us feel comfortable and secure. Everyone has his or her own set of resources. Consciously and actively using our resources is known as “resourcing”.

Resource ideas:

  • standing appointment with your favorite therapist or counselor
  • journaling
  • ocean swims
  • mindful practice
  • walks in nature
  • trusted friend
  • calming and supportive food
  • restorative yoga or rest
  • gentle slow intentional movement with awareness
  • natural breath awareness
  • floating
  • laughter
  • acupuncture
  • farming

How to Find Us

We are located at the Makai end of Haleiwa between 711 and Growing Keiki in the single story red building. We are at the end in Suite 3 and there is parking in front of our Studio. If we are in session when you arrive, the Mauka and Makai practice room doors will be closed. You are welcome to wait outside to enjoy our ocean view or come inside to use our resource library, use the restroom or just relax in the waiting area.

66-037 Kamehameha Highway, Suite 3
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

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Policies and Procedures

To book appointments, you must first have an initial consultation to determine your goals for the sessions. Please book a free consultation with us.

In the initial consultation, you will need to fill out an intake form and have a short interview about your body history.

Disclosure of your current health and medical information is necessary to provide you the best care and treatment.

All information concerning our work together is confidential and will only be discussed in our professional setting.

We provide Rolfing Structural Integration work and Movement Instruction. Your commitment to this work is for ten sessions.

Each session is approximately an hour and a half long.

Please be on time. Ten minutes early is best.

Please call as soon as possible for any delays, emergencies or unforseen events that may interrupt your appointment time. Twenty four hour notice is necessary to cancel an appointment.

No Shows and Late Cancellations will be charged at a full session rate.