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Rolfing® Structural and Functional Integration

Rolfing Hawaii 808 382-8450
Present from the beginning of the journey to ZeroPoint and back, Sally Klemm has grace-fully integrated roles as mentor, teacher, friend and co-traveler. An internationally recognized member of the Rolf Institute’s Advanced Faculty, Sally teaches Craniosacral Work and Rolfing worldwide while maintaining a private practice in Hawaii. She has the extraordinary ability to blend an organized cognitive style with deeply intuitive understanding of psyche and soma.

Permaculture, Farms and Growing

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Kelly & Aimee - Social PandaSocial Panda
Social Panda is our trusty website design and development team. They helped us create this fabulous “labor of love” website. They provided constant encouragement and practical guidance to continue forward with the website while we navigated a year of unforeseen challenges. Both professional and caring, they are an unstoppable force! We are grateful for the globally collective effort of Australia, Hawaii, Romania and India. Wherever you are in the world, Social Panda can help you. Bottom line: We really LOVE our website!

Cards of Your Destiny
Rea Fox (808) 722-6449
As they say, “it’s in the cards”! The Cards of Destiny guidance provided a multidimensional roadmap that was integral in bringing the vision of ZeroPoint Embodiment to it’s fruition. Contact Rea Fox for an exceptional metaphysical consultation for your own personal and professional development.

Yoga Partners

Ishtadev Niwas Ashram & Farm: Living Yoga Society
Meet one of our sister organization in Canada. They are spreading the yoga culture through the Living Yoga Society. The name embodies the concept of fully integrating this practice of yoga into every day life. To move, breathe and share the wholeness that we are with our environment and those around us is our highest goal.

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