Structural Integration makes profound and long term adjustments in your body’s alignment, awareness and adaptability. After your Ten Series, you may not need to have more work for six months to a year or more unless you have an injury. After that, Post 10 Series work can include 3 to 5 Sessions to refine any areas that might need attention.

Your body will continue to develop and refine awareness of “the central line of balance” for the rest of your life. This work really is an investment in your long term well being.

Each Session is spaced about a week to two weeks apart to allow your body time to assimilate the work. Consequently, your financial investment is also spread out over the some time.

Structural Integration

​Ten Session Series:         $125 per session       $1,250 total

Pre-paid Ten Session Series – 10% Discount:  $1,125 total

Military & Student Discount (with ID) $100 per session and pre-paid 10 series $900

Post Ten Series                                    $125

Single Session                                      $125 (non series session)

Community Wellness Clinic              Free
(Priority for babies, children, Kupuna and veterans, please apply for an appointment)

Please note: In certain cases, Personal Injury and Workman’s Compensation Insurance Accepted

Special Rates for Babies, Toddlers and Children (17 and Younger)
Babies and Toddlers       Free
Ages 3 to 13:                     $50 per session (under one hour)
Ages 14 to 17:                   $75 per session and pre-paid 10 series $675

Functional Integration


Private Lessons                 $75 per Session

Group Lessons                  $50 per person (2 to 3 participants)
                                             $40 per person (4 to 9 participants)
                                             $25 per person (over 10 participants)

Weekly Public Classes    Free

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Cancellation Policy

Appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If not, client will be billed for session in full