Rolfing® Structural Integration Advanced Certification Training 2020-2021

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Rolfing® Structural Integration
Advanced Certification Training (AT 2.20)
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii 2020-2021

  • Part One – October 24 – November 1, 2020: Laying the foundation for non-formalistic strategy-making
  • Part Two – January 16-24, 2021: An exploration of embodiment
  • Part Three – April 17-25, 2021: Clinical application

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The Advanced Training is a crucial step in a Rolfer’s professional development. It allows participants to deepen their understanding of a more nuanced approach to Structural Integration by integrating greater precision within a non-formulistic vision with their current knowledge and experience.
The major goals of the Advanced Training are to allow you to design your sessions for the individual and immediate needs of your client. This will allow you to be more effective with less effort. In order to accomplish these goals, Sally and Ellen will be exploring the following:

• A principle-centered decision making process that integrates with all formulistic recipes (basic and advanced).
• A systematic approach to mobilizing all the major joints of the body (so that correcting local dysfunctions becomes seamlessly integrated into the holistic approach of Rolfing SI).
• The therapeutic environment and its importance in the context of Rolfing SI.
• A more comprehensive approach to evaluating the whole person based on our developing structural, geometrical, functional, psychobiological, and energetic taxonomies.
• A way of developing a more gentle and precise sense of touch that integrates direct/indirect and energetic techniques.
• How to accurately sense from a distance.
• How to cultivate the delicate and yet profound state from which effective and grace-full Rolfing occur

“Advanced Training has helped me understand how to strategize Post Ten sessions and intervention work through a variety of lenses and applications and as a result, my Ten Series work has been revitalized and become even more effective.”   -Arnold Molina, Advanced Certified Rolfer

About the Instructors –

Sally Klemm, Advanced Faculty Member of Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®, is an internationally recognized instructor who teaches worldwide. She began her training in cranial sacral therapy with Jim Asher just prior to studying Rolfing with Jan H. Sultan in 1985. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley. Sally’s extraordinary ability to blend an organized cognitive style with deeply intuitive understanding reflects her fascination with the interface of psyche and soma. Sally’s teaching style creates a relaxed atmosphere that supports a variety of learning styles. She maintains a private practice in Honolulu, Oahu and Kapa’a Kauai, Hawaii.

Ellen Freed, Faculty member of Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® and Rolf Movement® Certified since 1997. She is dedicated to the theory and practice of Rolfing SI, with emphasis on the wholism of our manual work. She teaches by beginning in the simplest and most profound place, the relationship of self and other in the context of the moment. This is the basis all her teaching, whether it be didactic content or cultivation of skill. She has also completed extensive studies in classical acupuncture theory, visceral manipulation, cranial sacral practice, energetic osteopathic techniques, and her personal spiritual quest. She has her Rolfing practice in Northern Delaware.

Location, Location, Location

Camp Homelani means Heavenly Home and we invite you to come and experience the nine heavenly acres located on the North Shore of the Island of Oahu. Camp Homelani is nestled on the beach in a quiet residential community. Blessed with majestic mauka (mountain) views as well as breathtaking sunsets – Homelani is a place where you can see and experience Nature’s beauty.

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Limited Shared Occupancy with shared full kitchen: $65/night. Other Accommodations and camping options are available on North Shore. We can help you arrange airport transfers if needed and a rental car is optional. Camp Homelani is approximately 45 minutes from Honolulu and the airport.

For More Information or to reserve you room, please contact:

Terri Keppinger

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  1. January 12, 2020 at 10:00 am

    Hi Terri!

    Is their single occupancy lodging at Camp Homelani?

    Tom Robinson

    1. January 12, 2020 at 12:44 pm

      Yes there are a couple single occupancy rooms at Camp Homelani that we can reserve you. Please contact us for more information

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