ZeroPoint Embodiment: The Gathering Space

Providing educational programs, somatic therapies, and community project collaboration to promote more globally aware embodied living.

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Whether traveling to the Himalayas or observing your natural breath, all roads lead to ZeroPoint. Explore the many ways to that get you there.

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 What is Embodiment

Explore different ways to inhabit your body and connect with the world. Discovering your natural balance and breath through awareness, alignment and adaptability.

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Are you interested in Rolfing Sessions, Yoga Life, Permaculture Projects or collaborating on Community Projects? Contact us today. We’d love to connect with you.

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Havan and Mantra Workshop, Hau’ula, Oahu 15 April

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What people are saying!

One of the most rewarding steps in my life's journey, for sure, and I'm deeply grateful for my experience at North Shore Rolfing
- Cherie Floyd, Hau'ula, Hawaii

The ten series you gave me had many physical benefits that I expected: reduced pain, increased energy, better range of motion, etc-- but it also started me on a transformative journey to accept myself, which I didn't expect…

- Kristin Szlinis, Detroit, Michigan
....chronic pain disappeared and hasn't returned still, months after the journey through my ten series. There is an ease of effort in my daily activities, I feel more solidly grounded and I feel much more flexible and capable in my workouts. And it just continues to get better!
- Cherie Floyd, Hau'ula, Hawaii
Arnold Molina’s experience with movement and bodywork shines through with his confidence and dexterity when working with body movement.
- Amanda Cheyenne Watson, Boulder, CO

Arnold helped me to find new optimized patterns to make me more comfortable in my body in every day life and in my work.

- Tim Norton LMT, Boulder, CO